Shaé Universe Drops Stunning New Track, "111"

Quick Thoughts: I’ve been on a big-time R&B kick recently, and one of my favorite new artists in the genre is undoubtedly Shaé Universe. The 25 year-old singer-songwriter from Hertfordshire has a smooth, powerful voice, which she shows off across her entire discography. On her latest track, 111, Shaé pairs her vocals with a lucious soundscape - and that’s to say nothing of her thematic songwriting ability. Sure enough, she’s the real deal: an artist with all the talent in the world, in complete control of her craft. On 111, Shaé’s soulful R&B sound is comforting and beautiful, as she explores the concept of angel numbers and their spiritual awakenings. With a deep catalogue of really impressive tracks, Shaé Universe has long been one of the most impressive names on the independent R&B scene, and she continues to grow and improve as an artist. She is doing something seriously special right now. Stream on Spotify: