Porsh Bet$ Releases Latest Alternative Pop Hit, "2 The Weekend"

Quick Thoughts: Porsh Bet$ has quietly been putting together a seriously impressive body of work. His catalogue is full of hits, thanks to his infectiously fun sound that draws from hip-hop, pop, funk, and indie. It is a sound all his own, familiar and distinct at the same time. And with each release, he just seems to get better and better. His latest release, 2 The Weekend, is the second single off of his upcoming EP, and it is an absolute must listen. The song’s crisp, guitar-led production complements the Harlem native’s smooth vocals perfectly. But beneath the infectious song, there’s a thoughtful, relatable message; he explains, “This song is about feeling like the only thing you have to look forward to is the weekend. Whether it’s working at a shitty job, or being in school, I’ve always seen the weekend as an escape from all that.” If 2 The Weekend is any indication, this upcoming EP is about to be incredible. I can’t wait to listen to it. Stream on Spotify: