Flawed Mangoes Teams Up with Hugo for Lovely New Track, "2am"

Quick Thoughts: These days there is a big emphasis on how a song builds using intricate production. However, throughout history there have been many artists, like Bob Marley and Jack Johnson, who have found great success simply by bringing listeners into a vibe and keeping them there. 23 year-old producer Evan Lo, known by his stage name Flawed Mangoes, proves his ability to do the same as these great vibe-setters in his new single, 2am. Flawed Mangoes immediately ropes listeners in with an engaging hand percussion intro that becomes the backbone for an airy, ethereal instrumental and the rich, yet delicate baritone vocals of singer Hugo. Once all of these elements are working together, you’re in - in the immaculate vibe that Flawed Mangoes and Hugo create with no reason to leave. One listen of 2am will have you feeling soothed and refreshed, wanting to go back for more. Stream on Spotify: