Jaz Valentino Shows Off His Versatility on New Track, "7 Spirits"

Quick Thoughts: Jaz Valentino is so damn versatile. It feels like every time he releases new music, we see a different side of him. Across different styles from trap-infused hip-hop to alternative R&B, he continues to impress with his natural flow, incredible vocals, and ear for melody. With his latest offering, 7 Spirits, Valentino may just have his best song yet; honestly, Valentino seems to get better and better with each additional release. His constant improvement has been notable, and I feel like he’s about to take off. 7 Spirits sees Valentino show his chops as a lyricist, as he recalls the experiences of trying to “stay pure through tough times.” Valentino is an unbelievable storyteller who isn’t afraid to spill his heart on his sleeve, all while putting together really polished music. I am so damn impressed by this dude, and I think he’s an artist to watch heading into 2022. Stream on Spotify: