Golan Team Up with Valeria Stoica for New Sumer Bop, "75"

Quick Thoughts: There’s nothing like a feel-good, upbeat summer song. Collaborating with Valeria Stoica, that’s exactly what Golan have on their hands with their latest single, 75. Making use of their impeccable production and various influences, Golan package infectious melodies into a dance-worthy tune that you won’t be able to get enough of - and when you combine that with Valeria Stoica’s vocals, well now you have a banger. Now about halfway through the summer, this is the perfect time to mix things up a bit and add new songs to the rotation, and 75 is making a hell of a case to be that refreshing new track. Infusing subtle elements of House music into this electro pop song, Golan managed to create the perfect track to have on repeat throughout the rest of the summer. Stream on Spotify: