Kat Penkin Releases Her Lockdown Anthem, "A Better Time"

Quick Thoughts: The first word that comes to mind when you listen to Kat Penkin? Soulful. With her unique pop style, Kat infuses elements of indie, R&B, and electronic music. Penkin is truly the complete package. Between her stunning vocals, her clever songwriting, and her hook-heavy sound, the Brighton-based singer-songwriter is a world-beating talent. Penkin refers to her latest single, A Better Time, as her lockdown anthem. Her frustration with the last year is relatable and amusing, as Kat offers a tongue-in-cheek reflection on COVID, as she sings in the chorus, “I miss sunshine, I miss dick, 2020 what a prick.” There aren’t many artists capable of putting a song that is simultaneously witty, thoughtful, and easily listenable like A Better Time is. Stream on Spotify: