Fran Vasilić Continues to Stand Out with "A Lovesong for Whoever"

If you aren’t familiar already, Fran Vasilić is a name you’re going to want to know. The Croatia-based singer/songwriter took the world by storm with his immense TikTok success, followed by his debut bedroom pop album, Retrovizor, that showcased his striking character and earworm tunes. On April 23rd, Fran released his first single of 2021, A Lovesong for Whoever - a pop-ballad that proves Fran’s versatility as a singer and songwriter and allows listeners to truly appreciate his distinctive, rich, gritty baritone voice that carries the song. Fran’s unique lyricism allows him to discuss common topics in a fresh, yet relatable way. Combine that with his powerhouse vocals and you’ve got an artist who is most definitely on his way to stardom. Stream on Spotify: