Wil Owen Continues to Stand Out with New Single, "After Dark"

Quick Thoughts: We come across a lot of talented artists here at Qore. But perhaps no artist has impressed me the way that Wil Owen has this year. Owen is an artist in the truest sense of the word. He puts together hauntingly beautiful indie-folk melodies all while writing poetic lyricism that is so genuine it hurts. I can safely say that I’ve only heard a few songwriters like Owen in my life; he’s a rare talent. After Dark, his third single on streaming platforms, sees Owen continue to flex his songwriting muscles. The song serves as something of an inner monologue, as Owen writes with emotional nuance and thoughtful clarity. With After Dark, the young Welshman continues to show that he’s a star in the making. It’s really rare to find an artist like Owen. With a debut EP due out in 2022, Owen's indelible mark on the independent scene is only just going to grow. Stream on Spotify: