Cannon Releases Incredible First Single of 2021, "Afterglows"

Quick Thoughts: Since the release of his debut single, Water Glass, in the spring of 2019, Cannon has made waves on the independent scene with his soulful, hip-hop infused pop sound. This week, Cannon returns with his first single of 2021, Afterglows, an introspective, alternative R&B offering that shows off his remarkable talent and features the beautiful vocals of Halima. Throughout the track, he shines as a songwriter and a vocalist, pairing his clever lyricism with his rangy vocals as he switches seamlessly from crooning vocal riffs to quick, witty bars. Afterglows is one of my favorite songs of the year so far; it's smooth and vibe-worthy. Cannon just makes it look easy; he is putting together a really impressive body of work. With each additional release, we see him get better and better as his sound and style evolves and matures. He’s already so polished, and he’s one of the artists I’m dying to see this summer as live music comes back. If you dig this track, make sure to take a deep dive into Cannon’s full catalogue; it’s full of a ton of really listenable, dope tracks. Stream on Spotify: