AG Club, Sam Truth, and redveil Team Up for Dream Collaboration on "TRUTH"

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Quick Thoughts: It’s always interesting to see the results when artists work together on songs or full projects. While some collaborations tend to be clumsy and awkward, the best make the most of each artist’s talent and show a flowing chemistry between them. Such is the case in “TRUTH,” the single released this week by AG Club, Sam Truth, and redveil. All three artists have established themselves comfortably as some of the most reliable in alternative hip-hop, and when a group of artists this talented gets together, there’s always a lot to process. But this is a dream collaboration.

Here, the three stick to their roots on this inviting, alternative hip-hop track, with a relentless beat over which each artist emotionally delivers their impassioned lyrics. The three artists manage to flow from verse to verse effortlessly; there’s no clumsiness or awkwardness, just cohesion. You’ll be playing “TRUTH” again and again, picking up something different with each listen. Hopefully, this isn’t the last time that AG Club, Sam Truth, and redveil will work together, because they’ve got something really special. Stream on Spotify: