Ahli Releases Chill Indie Track "Famous"

Quick Thoughts: I know we all love summer and the bops that makeup the summer-time soundtrack of each year. When September hits though, the excitement for fall and new beginnings is unmatched by any other feeling. The leaves start falling, the hoodies come out, and the chill indie music gets loud. Non-binary singer-songwriter Ahli and producer Kyle Henderson collaborated to produce “Famous”. The vibes of this track radiate fall-time energy. The mellow electronic guitar pairs perfectly with Ahli’s deep, grassroots vocals. Ahli sings from the heart on this track. Drawing from their life experiences, “Famous” is about masking changes in your life while still trying to stay connected to your roots. Making the move from a small town to Nashville for Ahli was both scary and exciting. Finding an outlet through music, “Famous” is just the start to a long and vibrant career for Ahli. Stream On Spotify: