Cyanca Releases Infectious New Single, "Dancing Dirty"

Quick Thoughts: There’s an effortless cool to Cyanca’s latest single, Dancing Dirty, an alternative R&B song that infuses elements of funk, pop, and soul into an infectious, dance-worthy track that you won’t be able to get out of your head. Dancing Dirty is nostalgic and progressive, a combination that shows off the North Carolina native’s innate ability to take an old-school style and put a modern twist on it. The result is an irresistible track marked by impeccable production, witty lyricism, and plenty of hooks. With a seriously impressive catalogue of music behind her already, Cyanca has been showing off her talent for some time now. If Dancing Dirty is the first you’re hearing of Cyanca, you have to to take a deep dive into some of her older stuff also. You'll find plenty of music that you can really vibe with. Stream on Spotify: