Rachael Jenkins Impresses Again with Latest Heartbreaking Single, "Allergy Season"

Quick Thoughts: Rachael Jenkins has been one of the breakout artists of 2021. Just three songs into what promises to be a very long, successful career, Rachael has already demonstrated an undeniable talent and irresistible indie-folk sound that will pull you in after just one listen. With her beautiful, soft vocals, and deft, thematic songwriting style, Rachael is quickly becoming one of the genre’s most promising new artists. Her latest single, Allergy Season, is a heartbreaking track about how “someone from your past can creep up on you without warning. You can be free from a situation for months or years, and something as simple as a specific season or the smell of the air can force you back in time.” This is the type of track that we’ve come to expect from the Utah native: confessional and profound, yet easily listenable. If this is the first you’re hearing of Rachael, make sure to take a listen through her other songs as well - she has such a unique style and if you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to get her music out of your head. Stream on Spotify: