Amaru Cloud Releases Super Solid Rap Piece "Composure"

Quick Thoughts: Amaru Cloud’s latest release “Composure” is an extremely solid rap piece. The beat is enticing and powerful, but not overwhelming. Cloud’s vocals are soft and buttery, yet demanding and prominent. It is truly the perfect blend of rap flow and beat which can be a tricky thing to achieve. Judging from Cloud’s other music, he had no problem nailing this technique. With over 90K monthly listeners, it’s awesome to see that Amaru Cloud is getting the recognition that he very much deserves. “Composure” is a super dope single, but I have to encourage everyone to go and listen to his other songs as well because they are just as great. Amaru Cloud is definitely in it for the long-haul and it’s going to be awesome to watch him explode. Stream On Spotify: