Matty Reynolds Releases Late-Summer Hit, "(another) hotel party)

Quick Thoughts: Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you know that TikTok is quickly becoming a springboard to stardom for young, undiscovered artists. The list goes on and on, but perhaps the most remarkable accomplishment so far comes from Matty Reynolds, the 19-year old singer-songwriter from Pelham, New York. With his sophomore single, (another) hotel party, an ode to youthful rebellion,Reynolds shows off an infectious, hook-heavy sound infused with elements of alternative rock, pop, and pop-punk. Reynolds’ style is grandiose without being overwhelming, and relatable while still being unique. With Reynolds’ raw vocals and the infectiously catchy chorus, this song is the perfect late-summer anthem to listen to on repeat as the summer winds down. Stream on Spotify: