míra Releases New Indie Hit, "April"

Quick Thoughts: míra is one of the finest undiscovered gems on the independent scene that we’ve come across in some time. With a creative nature and artistic style, míra has an instantly recognizable sound that is entirely unique to him. On April, the lead single off of his newest project, Auburn Bleach, míra puts together a masterful display of genre-bending indie music. Showing off his penchant for poetic lyricism and hook-heavy, breezy melodies, míra has a hit on his hands. He delves into the uncertainty of growing up throughout the track, as he looks back on high school when everything feels like such a big deal. míra wrote April a year after he graduated high school with the type of reflective clarity that only comes with maturity. He explains, “I was thinking about how simple things were and the gravity of the inconveniences I felt as a kid figuring it out.” Working with his producer, Makzey, the two collaborated from across the country on the entire project while never being in the same room together. April may be the lead single off of Auburn Bleach, but the entire project is extremely impressive. It's rare to see an independent artist so early in their career put together such a deep, cohesive project, but míra has done just that. Stream on Spotify: