AQ Goes Off on His Latest Single, "Bubble Boi"

Quick Thoughts: If your current library is getting stale and you need new music before listening to that song you used to like for the 1,000th time, Los Angeles-based artist AQ is here to relieve your ears. His laidback voice suits a variety of genres and once you dive into his catalog, you’ll find him experimenting with elements of pop, rap, and alternative music. He has a tendency to alternate between natural and filtered vocals; however, he does so in a tasteful manner, creating cool transitions and injecting energy into his tracks where you might expect a bridge section to slow down the song.

Just a few weeks ago, AQ dropped his first song of this year, a track titled, Bubble Boi. Over electric guitars and thumping bass lines, AQ finds his pockets effortlessly, hitting catchy cadences and melodies. If you need that extra boost in the morning or are feeling slumped in the afternoon, play this song – AQ’s energy can go toe to toe with some of hip-hop’s biggest names. We are patiently waiting for AQ to drop his next project, but with the surplus of content he’s given us throughout the last year, it shouldn’t be long.

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