TUSHAR Releases Remarkable Debut Track, "Arthur"

Quick Thoughts: I always love listening to an artist’s debut single. A debut is an introduction to the world, a starting point from which they will develop, and an unfiltered view into the artist’s process. TUSHAR, a rising indie-pop artist from Australia, dropped his debut single, Arthur earlier this month, and we can already tell that he’s an artist we’ll be keeping an eye on for a long time. In this hazy, groovy track, TUSHAR shows off a sweet sound complemented by his thoughtful lyricism, smooth vocals, and an unmistakable ear for melody. Arthur is a remarkably polished song, and I would bet that we’ll be hearing a lot more from TUSHAR in the coming months. This is a really impressive debut, and I can’t wait to see where the rest of TUSHAR’s career takes him. Stream on Spotify: