ATM King Shows His Soulful Side on “No Air”

Quick Thoughts: ATM King is back. Today, he’s released his latest single, “No Air,” a soulful, motivational track that highlights his undeniable talent and addictive voice. Combining modern elements of soul-trap and R&B music, he effortlessly puts listeners in an introspective, yet euphoric place. It’s humbling to hear him talk about his struggles so earnestly; his experiences have shaped him and he makes that clear on the track.

In the early stages of any artist’s career, it can be difficult to decide what kind of production sounds best with your voice. ATM King doesn’t have that problem: his beat selection perfectly complements his voice, as he floats on top of beautiful pianos and hard-hitting drums. I’m excited to see what’s next for him – his incredible talent can take him to the top of the rap game within a matter of years.