Nox Holloway Drops New Indie-Pop Song

Quick Thoughts: Alt-pop duo, Nox Holloway releases a super chill indie-pop song “Audrey”. This song is an ode to the beloved Audrey Hepburn and the time period she lived in. Listening to this song narrative through gentle instrumentals and dreamy vocals is simply blissful. Hearing such a great track, it’s hard to believe that Nox Holloway is relatively new to music. The duo was formed by two college friends during their senior year of college during the pandemic. The talented producer and instrumentalist met the also talented songwriter and vocalist - then boom, we are given the extremely talented Nox Holloway. This duo has an authentic indie-pop sound that is bound to take them places. I think Audrey Hepburn would definitely give her stamp of approval so be sure to give this one a listen. Stream on Spotify: