Andreas Owens Making Bedroom Pop His Own With "bad4you"

Quick Thoughts: Andreas Owens latest EP, almost everything i’ve ever wanted to say, is a beautifully silky 5-track set that you’re going to love. Giving my favorite track “bad4you” the spotlight for a second because this piece is truly stellar. Owens’ hypnotic vocals accompanied by a diverse and groovy sonic landscape make for a great, chilled-out track. When Owens sat down to write this track, he kind of let it write itself. He added what he felt the song needed along the way and by the end he was left with something amazing. This lack of pressure and expectation allowed his creativity to flow freely and manifest into such an awesome sounding piece.

Andreas Owens is a Los-Angeles based solo artist- writing, mixing and mastering all of his music. Keeping up with the constantly changing bedroom pop soundscapes, Andreas Owens expresses a unique sound and is making this genre his own. I know there’s going to be more great things coming from Andreas Owens so be sure to keep him on your radar. Stream Now On Spotify: