Olive Amun Releases New Genre-Bending Song, "Bad Dreams"

Quick Thoughts: Songwriting is hard. Songwriting about heavy topics? Even more difficult. But Olive Amun makes it seem easy. In his latest release, Bad Dreams, The Melbourne native recalls a toxic relationship, singing, “I know I’m losing control / You took a chunk out my soul / Can you just let me go?” In this deeply cathartic track, Amun strikes a balance between these thoughtful, introspective lyrics in the chorus and the catchy, irreverent wordplay scattered throughout the song’s verses. He bends genres seamlessly, taking elements of bedroom pop, alternative R&B, and indie-rock to create a sound all his own. His smooth vocals pair beautifully with the track’s groovy beat, as he pulls together a hook-heavy track that you’ll be playing on repeat. Bad Dreams is Amun’s second release of 2021, leading up to a new EP, Don’t Leave Yet, due in May. If you haven’t had the chance yet, make sure to take a deep dive into his whole catalogue; it’s full of really quality tracks that you are sure to love. Stream on Spotify: