Micah Emrich Shines on New Project, "BASEMENT"

Quick Thoughts: Micah Emrich has flown under the radar for far too long. The Milwaukee native has an effortlessly smooth bedroom pop style that takes influence from the blues, jazz, and indie rock. Last month, Emrich released his debut album, “BASEMENT,” a remarkably consistent eight-track project that puts his full range of talent on display. Emrich shines throughout the entire project, but perhaps my favorite song on the project is no sleep, a stripped-down, bluesy joint that Emrich’s friends refer to as “The Blue Collar Jam.” no sleep is gritty and raw, as Emrich comes to terms with a difficult realization. He explains, “no sleep was my acceptance that I had a different ambition/mindset than the people surrounding me in my day to day. The song is beautifully and thoughtfully written, and Emrich sings with such raw passion that you can feel the emotion exuding from his voice. Throughout his entire discography, Emrich has proven to be an incredible singer-songwriter; and with each additional release, he just continues to get better and better. Stream on Spotify: