northxix Continues to Captivate with New Song, "bastard"

Quick Thoughts: With a genre-bending, punk-reminiscent, grunge-inspired pop style, northxix is one of the most captivating artists we’ve come across in recent memory. Even though he only has four tracks on streaming platforms, it already feels like we know northxix and who he is, thanks in large part to his authentic artistry. In his latest release, bastard, out today, northxix sets an ominous mood with the track’s melody, as he builds up to the song’s ultimate theme: “Yeah you hate me, but I hate me too,” he chants. This energy is what makes northxix such an interesting artist: he’s genuine and thoughtful, emotional and vulnerable, powerful and irreverent. For such a young artist, his sound is remarkably focused and I can’t wait for more music from him. Stream on Spotify: