gabriel black Releases Genre-Bending New Bop, "batman"

Quick Thoughts: gabriel black is up to something really special. His ability to play with different, unfamiliar soundscapes in a natural way sets him apart in the crowded indie/alternative space. With a style that verges on experimental, gabe breaks genre barriers with ease, forming a fluid sound that I cannot get enough of. His latest single, batman, may just be his best yet. Making use of glitchy production and auto tuned vocals, gabriel flows in and out of the production, making the unnatural seem organic and the chaotic seem organized. batman is a masterpiece about falling hard for someone and ultimately taking it too far; throughout the track, gabriel combines the unorthodox production with deceptively powerful lyricism and his unbelievable ear for melody. gabriel black has become an artist whose every release is noteworthy. The man simply does not miss. Stream on Spotify: