Internet Girl Releases New Hyperpop Hit "be my guest"

Quick Thoughts: Hailing all the way from South Africa, the alt-rock band Internet Girl brings us an awesome summer hyperpop track “be my guest”. There’s nothing better than when a song opens with strong guitar chords that immediately draw you in. “be my guest” does just that by opening with rich and full chords that lead us into a high tempo track guaranteed to make you want to dance around your room. “be my guest” is just one of the many hyperpop hits on their latest EP the world i love. This trio is like Two Door Cinema Club but with a bit of edge. Their sound perfectly fits the alt-pop landscape while their vibe fits the trending e-boy aesthetic. As an avid alt-pop listener, I can confirm that Internet Girl is legit. Definitely give “be my guest” a listen as well as “dumb party” and “Bitter” on their new EP. Stream on Spotify: