Izzy Heltai Crafts Artful New Song, "Beauty Queen"

Quick Thoughts: One of my favorite things to see from a rising artist is a sense of purpose when songwriting, putting pen to paper knowing exactly what they want to address in a song. With his latest single, Beauty Queen, Izzy Heltai set out to parse through the emotions of a pandemic romance, which he described as “nuts.” At the top of the track, he sings, “She was my whole October / That girl I never saw coming / Think she might be my drug,” as he alludes to the fact that pandemic romances are all-consuming. Reflecting back on the relationship, he says, “ Without the distractions of pre-pandemic life, it was pretty easy for me to spiral into obsession, and I probably put up with a lot more shit than I would have normally.” Izzy complements this thematic, narrative-driven songwriting with one of the most irresistible indie/bedroom pop sounds I’ve come across in a while, thanks in large part to his luscious voice. Taking from a wide range of influences, such as pop, analog electric, and country, Izzy manages to pull together a unique take on folk music that will have you playing this track on repeat. Stream on Spotify: