Benny Bellson Releases Music Video for His Stunning Debut, "Wasteful Game"

Quick Thoughts: There’s something raw and exciting about hearing an artist’s debut track. It’s an introduction to who the artist is in the moment and a suggestion of who the artist might become down the line. But Benny Bellson’s debut, “Wasteful Games,” is different in all the right ways. The track is a masterful debut, penned by an artist who is fully aware of his ability and his direction; we’re just playing catch-up, trying to figure it out. That disconnect is enchanting, it makes you want to listen to “Wasteful Games” again and again and again, as you try to understand the enigmatic Bellson. And with each listen, you’ll find something else to love, and feel a little more connected to the Chico, California-based artist.

The track packs a punch in its two-minute runtime, with Bellson’s irreverent lyrics, casual vocal riffs, and filthy guitar solo all coming together to create a track that is a must-add to your favorite playlist right now. “Wasteful Games” is one of the most impressive songs of 2021 so far, and we look forward to hearing a lot more from Bellson in the future. Make sure to check out the track's music video, out today.

Stream Wasteful Games on Spotify: