Benny Bellson Releases Sophomore Single, "Dream Store"

Quick Thoughts: Benny Bellson caught our attention back in February when he released his first song, Wasteful Games. The track was a standout because of Bellson’s unique sound: stirring, raw, and wide-ranging. With the release of his sophomore single, Dream Store, last week, he confirmed our first impression that he’s up to something special. Bellson takes from a ton of influences - punk, alternative rock, and hip-hop, just to name a few - to carve out a genre of his own. All at once, his sound is chaotic yet collected, raw yet polished. Bellson is a complete songwriter who is in total control of every aspect of his music, from the impeccable production to the surprisingly profound lyricism. This song is another masterpiece from the California native, one that you’re sure to have on repeat. If you haven’t taken the time to check out Benny Bellson’s music yet, you’re missing out. Stream on Spotify: