Bryce Morgan Releases Impressive New Single, "BETTER NOW"

Quick Thoughts: Bryce Morgan is only 17 years old, but he writes and produces his music with the maturity of an artist twice his age. On his latest release, BETTER NOW, Morgan shows off a real, undeniable songwriting poise. As he was making this song, someone close to Morgan was going through a hard time, and in BETTER NOW, he reflects on the guilt he felt watching this person go through this. Hailing from Australia, Morgan has no problem blending multiple genres at once, infusing elements of hip-hop, pop, and alternative music to create his unique, enthralling style. But the most impressive thing about Morgan is that he doesn’t try to do too much; even while incorporating elements of multiple genres and self-producing, he doesn't overwhelm the listener. Instead, he creates an easy-listen that puts his full range of talent on display. He is confidently understated, allowing his music to shine across this song’s two-minute runtime. BETTER NOW is a really impressive song, and a great listen. Bryce Morgan is up to something special. Stream on Spotify: