Dude, My Dude Release Refreshing New Single, "Bike Ride"

Quick Thoughts: On their latest release, Bike Ride, Dude, My Dude offers a truly refreshing rock style. The trio infuses elements of alternative, indie, and punk into their raw, enthralling genre-bending sound that is truly and authentically their own. Dude, My Dude released their debut single, Loser, in March, and have since racked up nearly one million streams on Spotify alone. Last week, the band released their sophomore single, Bike Ride, at long last. Bike Ride has it ALL: an acoustic intro, hook-heavy melodies, thoughtful lyricism, and even an irresistible guitar solo. I don’t know of very many acts out there that are capable of putting together a song so unique and fun. Dude, My Dude is up to something special right now. They are quickly going up my list of acts I’d like to see live. Stream on Spotify: