G Luné Drops Latest Hit Single, "BLOCKED"

Quick Thoughts: G Luné is up to something. Her talent is undeniable: her crisp vocals, thematic songwriting, and flawless production all come together seamlessly. But more than anything, it’s her style that draws the listener in. Taking inspiration from Steve Lacy and Remy Wolf, the Colombian-American singer-songwriter has an irresistible R&B sound infused with elements of jazz and pop to stand out from the crowd. In her latest single, BLOCKED, G Luné continues to show why she’s a rising star. She is dynamic and undaunted, fierce and independent - everything you could want from a badass young artist - as she recalls a toxic relationship. Throughout the anthemic BLOCKED, she chants as much as she sings, allowing her emotions to boil to the surface. With the powerful songwriting that has defined her entire catalogue, she shows that she is once again unafraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. It’s what makes her music so relatable and familiar. It’s time to get acquainted with G Luné; she’s a force to be reckoned with. Stream on Spotify: