Rocco Drops Latest Groovy Single, "Boy in Love"

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Quick Thoughts: Over the last two years, Rocco has been building a remarkably impressive discography of fun indie-pop songs. Throughout his short career, the 18 year-old has continued to turn heads. With his latest release, Boy in Love, the New Jersey native once again shows why he is so highly regarded: with his thematic songwriting, hook heavy melodies, and silky smooth vocals, he has a wealth of talent. Boy in Love sees Rocco reflect on a theme that he has touched on throughout his other songs as well - the adolescent experience. Throughout this track, Rocco works through his infatuation for a potential partner. Besides for his love-drunk lyricism, Rocco’s easygoing melodies will have you tapping your toe as you play this song on repeat. Rocco has been one of my favorite new artists of 2021, and I can’t wait to watch him as he continues to develop and release music in the new year. Stream on Spotify and watch the music video below: