Elliott Willis Releases Sophomore Single, "Brown Eyes"

Quick Thoughts: Elliott Willis has just two songs out on streaming platforms, but he already has such a clean, polished sound. After releasing his debut single, Here With Me, in 2020, Willis dropped his sophomore record, Brown Eyes, in October. Throughout the track, Elliott shows off his full range of talent, from his unforgettably smooth vocals to his thoughtful lyricism and sweet melodies. Over a hazy indie-pop soundscape that reminds me of Still Woozy, Willis recalls a toxic relationship in which an ex-girlfriend manipulated him and treated him poorly. Just 19 years-old, Willis writes with the maturity of someone twice his age, as he uses lessons learned from this relationship to explore why people aren’t always as they seem. Brown Eyes is a profound, thoughtful song that has me dying for more music from the young Australian. As 2021 comes to a conclusion, I can’t help but think that he’s going to break out in 2022. Stream on Spotify: