Sibling Duo Buppy and Eleanor Kingston Release "To My Momma"

Quick Thoughts: To say I’m obsessed with Buppy and Eleanor Kingston’s debut single “To My Momma” would be an understatement. Written as a Mothers Day present for their mother, “To My Momma” is an ode to their single parent, badass, hardworking mom. This sibling collaboration is not only heartwarming, but also breathtaking. The way they riff off of each other throughout the piece is beautifully organic and utterly wonderful.

17-year-old Buppy makes music with a purpose. In an attempt to empower fellow teens to overcome abuse, trauma, and toxic relationships, Buppy brings an intricate blend of Alternative R&B, Indie-Pop, and Hip-Hop. Tackling the complex feeling of dark internal struggles, Buppy is a talented young visionary. Younger sister, Eleanor Kingston, doesn’t fall short to Buppy in any regard. This dynamic duo pulls from their life-experiences to co-write raw and unforgiving music. “To My Momma” gives just a glimpse of what Buppy and Eleanor Kingston are capable of. Stream On Spotify: