Devon Again Releases Stunning Sophomore Single, "Burn Down"

Quick Thoughts: Devon Again first grabbed our attention late last year on TikTok with her stunning vocals and charismatic presence. Some twelve months later, we’re watching her blossom into a polished recording artist right before our very eyes. In July, Devon released her debut single, Suburbia, one of my favorite debuts in recent memory. Just a few weeks ago, the LA-based singer-songwriter followed up with her sophomore release, Burn Down, a fun, melodic pop song that puts the 20 year-old’s world-beating talent on full display. Devon isn’t afraid to let that same carefree, fun-loving personality that we saw on TikTok shine through her music, and we as listeners are better off for it. Devon is an amazing vocalist, but an equally incredible songwriter, capable of telling narrative-driven stories throughout a quick, easily listenable two-and-a-half minute song. Devon Again is a STAR. With only two songs out on streaming services, Devon is already making waves on the independent scene. I can’t wait to hear more music from her shortly. Here’s to a massive 2022 for Devon. Stream on Spotify: