LoveLeo's Teams Up with blackwinterwells for Irresistible New Track, "BUZZCUT"

Quick Thoughts: LoveLeo is up to something special these days. The hyper-pop superstar who exploded onto the scene with his hit single, BOYFREN, has teamed up with blackwinterwells for his stunning latest release, BUZZCUT. This track shows off Leo’s experimental sound and remarkable creativity, but it also demonstrates the level of artistry that he puts into every one of his songs. In BUZZCUT, he ponders openly about social media and the toll that it takes on a user’s happiness and mental health. Pairing this thematic lyricism with his slick vocals, Leo has a bop on his hands. If you’re not already familiar with LoveLeo, you should take a deep dive into his catalogue and become acquainted with his work. Everything he makes is done with so much care; it’s part of what makes him such an incredible artist. BUZZCUT is Leo's first release of 2021. Stream on Spotify:

Also make sure to check out the track's music video, as well, embedded below.