Quick Thoughts: Throughout their entire discography, KIDSNOT$AINTS. have shown a willingness to bend genres, creating a unique, entirely refreshing sound that is entirely their own. On their latest project, “CAN BOYS HAVE DIARIES?,” the New Jersey based collective shows off a thoughtful, artistic indie-pop sound throughout the project’s four songs. The project’s first single, I THINK I NEED HELP, juxtaposes sweet, swinging pop melodies with heavy, hard-hitting lyricism. Throughout the entire project, the group shows off an emotional songwriting touch. On GIRL WITH THE FILAS, the trio touches on themes of self-love over a Frank Ocean-esque soundscape. Closing out the project with AL’S INTERLUDE and CLOUD9, KIDSNOT$AINTS. put the finishing touches on a really, really impressive, full-bodied project. It seems like there are so few artists on the independent scene capable of putting out a project like this. KIDSNOT$AINTS. are a special, special group. Stream on Spotify: