Miranda Del Sol Releases Angelic Piece "Care About Me"

Quick Thoughts: Miranda Del Sole has a type of talent that is extremely hard to come by nowadays. Her latest single “Care About Me” showcases her heavenly vocals and well crafted beats. You can't help but sink into this song time and time again as you listen to it on loop. She exposes those late night thoughts that we’ve all had when she sings “are you gonna care about me when it’s 3am and I need to phone a friend?”. She gets deep and vulnerable in such a beautiful way.

Her voice isn’t the only jaw-dropping thing about her. Miranda Del Sol is self-taught in every aspect of music making. From a young age, she always aspired to be an artist so she taught herself how to play the guitar, how to write a great song, and how to promote her own music. Though still learning and perfecting her sound, her skill is truly that of an expert in the industry. With that hustle mentality, Miranda Del Sol is going to do big things. We believe in her and you should too. Stream on Spotify: