Nate Fenn Releases New Indie-Pop Bop, "Cashier"

Quick Thoughts: Nate Fenn has an effortlessly infectious, genre-bending indie-pop style. With his latest single, Cashier, Fenn touches on the complicated relationship between kids and the towns in which they live. Inspired by his time at home during the pandemic, Nate says, “I dreaded every moment I was in my hometown.” This is a lo-fi pop bop, with Nate’s relatable songwriting and stellar production shining throughout the entire song. You’ll find yourself jamming along to the easygoing melodies and singing along to the track’s catchy chorus as you play this song on repeat all day long. Nate Fenn has only four songs released, but he is quietly putting together a seriously impressive catalogue of music. I highly recommend taking the time to listen to his entire discography at some point, I get the feeling you’ll be able to vibe with all of his music. Stream on Spotify: