Casper Jones Releases Music Video for "Ghost Town"

Quick Thoughts: Casper Jones has a story to tell; you can hear it in his songwriting and the emotional inflection of much of his work. Jones opens “Ghost Town,” a stirring alternative pop track infused with hints of R&B, singing over a light ukulele before the beat drops. As the song grapples with the challenges of quarantine, he manages to maintain an optimistic tone. Even as Jones acknowledges that the isolation can be difficult, he also manages to find a silver lining. Although “Ghost Town” was released in October, the track’s music video comes out today. Like the song itself, the video is a reflection of “feeling forced to build worlds inside the spaces we’re stuck in,” according to Jones. This video will take you right into Jones’ world, out of the city and into rural Massachusetts. You’ll be playing this track on repeat as you cope with your own isolated world. Watch the music video below:

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