Rancid Eddie Drops Killer Track "Champagne"

Quick Thoughts: Five-piece indie rock band, Rancid Eddie, just dropped an absolute banger “Champagne”. The laid-back and inviting intro chords lead us into a guitar solo about 2 minutes in that will literally have your jaw on the floor. The story of how these 5 talented individuals came together is straight out of a movie. Headed for post-high school friendship loss, these best friends knew that a focus on music would keep them close. When Jessy Kelly and Matt Sturrock on lead vocals/guitar, Ash Ravlic on bass, Andy Sturrock on drums, and Eddie O’Brien on keys, came together, the world was given Rancid Eddie.

Rancid Eddie went about growing their artistry in a way that most artists do: hoping to go viral on TikTok. The thing that distinguishes Rancid Eddie from the rest is that they actually did it. With over 80K followers on TikTok, fans are hungry for more music. The good news is that a Debut EP is coming in November; the bad news is that we have to wait 4 more months. Until then I’ll be listening to “Champagne” on loop and I suggest you do the same. Stream On Spotify: