Charlie Houston Once Again Impresses with Relatable Pop Song, "Things"

Quick Thoughts: Charlie Houston has already wowed us once this year, with her debut track, Calls. Earlier this week, she followed up with her second single, Things, a pop song perfect for blasting on full volume during late-night drives. Houston once again shows off her smooth vocals in her sophomore release, as she reflects on a failed relationship. She wonders where the relationship went wrong, asking at the top of the track, “Does she got a lotta money? Or where you thinking all about the good sex? Did you get a lot of good sex?” She notes how she acted differently just to impress: “I just did things ‘cause you did them / Didn’t really want to, I’m just trying to get you.” Pairing these vulnerable, stream-of-consciousness lyrics with the track’s remarkable production, Houston once again stands out in the crowded indie-pop genre, leaving no doubt that she is a star. Whether going through heartbreak yourself or just looking for an incredible song to soundtrack a night hanging out with friends, Things is for you. Stream on Spotify:

For Fans of: Chelsea Cutler, Quinn XCII