Ellevator Release Repeat-Worthy New Single, "Charlie IO"

Quick Thoughts: Hailing from Ontario, Ellevator are a rocking band who have an irresistible sound that takes from alternative rock and indie-pop for a style that is unique, polished, and progressive. With their latest single, Charlie IO, the trio shows off an ability to pair their easygoing melodies and sweet harmonies with a deft, thematic songwriting touch that - excuse the pun - really elevates their music. This is the type of song that you could play on repeat, while taking something new and different from the song each time. This is a powerful display of quality, as the group shows off their full range of talent. I can’t wait to hear more from Ellevator; lucky for us, the band has their debut album coming early next year. Charlie IO and Easy are the first two tracks from the project. Stream on Spotify: