Chase Murphy Keeps the Mood Light on “Corporate”

Quick Thoughts: Chase Murphy brings a refreshing sound to hip-hop. Without auto-tune or booming 808s, Murphy finds a way to captivate listeners using his authenticity. He’s got a confident demeanor, which you can tell from his lyrics, yet he’s not someone we would be able to pick out of a crowd. Rather, what separates him from the surplus of talent in hip-hop is how effortlessly he floats on top of minimalist production. In a day and age where it feels like rappers are overcompensating with voice inflections and complex beats, Murphy strips everything down to its simplest form.

On his latest track, “Corporate,” Murphy switches between quick flows and weightless melodies. It almost feels like he’s talking into the microphone: everything about the track sounds like he’s telling a story to a group of friends. What’s more impressive is the way he’s able to inject energy into a beat that feels like elevator music. Beyond that, Murphy also grabs attention with his lyrical expertise, using clever yet relatable bars to keep you fully engaged in his work. It’s a song to chill out to with friends, so be sure you have “Corporate” on hand and ready to play. Stream on Spotify: