Check out EASHA's Relatable New Track, "Far Away"

Quick Thoughts: With her latest release, “Far Away,” EASHA effortlessly captures the feeling of wanting to escape your hometown. The 20 year old, who wrote this song immediately after her high school graduation, begins the track by singing delicately over a piano. Around the 20 second mark, the song breaks into a swinging, indie-pop groove as she shows off her stunning vocal range. And as incredible EASHA is as a singer, she proves to be an equally capable songwriter. With a tone that sometimes verges on sarcastic, she emphasizes just how badly she wanted to get out of her New Jersey hometown, saying that she would love to go to the ocean or the forest or even Guantanamo Bay. EASHA, who has accumulated a large following on TikTok, has an undeniable star power. And with her charismatic personality, stunning vocals, and ability to pen a hell of a hook, she is just getting started. Go stream ‘Far Away’ and make sure to check out her entire catalogue while you’re at it; there’s not a single song you won’t vibe with. Stream on Spotify: