Check out greek's Incredible New Track, "Falling"

Quick Thoughts: There’s no better feeling than hearing a song for the first time and knowing that you’re listening to something special. That’s how it feels listening to greek’s latest single, falling, out today. greek is one of the most impressive up-and-coming artists in the bedroom pop/alternative R&B space thanks to a deep catalogue of really impressive tracks, and he continues to burnish that reputation with his latest release. falling shows off much of the same talent that the Virginia native has put on full display across his entire discography: silky smooth vocals, thoughtful lyrics, and stellar production. In this track, he also shows a penchant for breaking the rules and doing his own thing, making him a standout in the crowded genre. If you’re not up on greek yet, you will be after listening to falling. Go give this song a listen and make sure to do a deep dive into the rest of the music he’s released while you’re at it - you won’t be disappointed. Stream on Spotify:

Must Listens: when the world is on fire, bayside

For Fans of: Omar Apollo, Dijon