Laica Shows Off Her Stunning Sound on "Childish / Sanctuary"

Quick Thoughts: Laica has been busy over the past 18 months, releasing a string of incredible singles and her debut EP. But it’s safe to say that she’s just getting started, with her debut album, i’m so fine at being lonely, coming out in early June. In the meantime, the LA native has been building up to her album release with two-song single drops, the latest of which, Childish / Sanctuary, shows off the full-range of her vibrant style. Laica stands out on sanctuary with her luscious vocals, smooth, R&B-infused bedroom pop sound, and ear for melody. This is the work of an artist who is in complete control of her music - her vocals mesh beautifully with the track’s impeccable production, creating a layered melody that will have you tapping your toe and playing this song on repeat. I can’t wait to hear the full album next month. If these singles are any indication, it will be one of the best full-length projects of the year. Stream on Spotify: