Chill Out with Wilder Gray on Their Newest Single, “Vulnerabilities”

Quick Thoughts: Swedish duo, Wilder Gray, have been steadily releasing alternative and indie-pop music for over two years. Their journey together started when they met in a jazz class, which led them to producing and songwriting for a handful of artists. Since teaming up, they have developed an eclectic sound that will have you browsing through their catalog for a long, long time. Within seconds of pressing play on any one of their songs, you will instantly be impressed with their chemistry.

Fresh off the release of their Imprint EP, Wilder Gray have just dropped their follow-up single, Vulnerabilities. The song addresses a bad relationship, as Jonathan sings, “You made a promise to always speak up when things were going south… are you still here or are you gone?” Jonathan’s weightless voice beautifully complements the minimalist production, allowing him to explore different melodies throughout the song. If you like what you hear, go check out Imprint and Fading from their latest EP – they are two tracks you can’t miss.