Jamo. Drops Unforgettable Debut Single, "Chuck & Louise"

Quick Thoughts: There’s something about Jamo. that will stop you right in your tracks. Maybe it’s his floating, genreless nature; maybe it’s the way his vocals mesh perfectly with his production; maybe it’s just because you don’t think you’ve ever heard anything like him before; maybe it’s all of the above. No matter, the Sacramento-based newcomer stands out as a name to remember with his debut single, Chuck & Louise. This song falls in the indie/alternative sphere, but Jamo. sprinkles in elements of R&B, psychedelia, and funk to carve out a sound all his own. With a groovy melody, irresistible guitar licks, and Jamo.’s smooth vocals, this track will have your toes tapping and your head nodding in approval. Chuck & Louise is a perfect song for late nights hanging out with friends. We’ll be playing this track on repeat until Jamo. drops more music. Stream on Spotify: